We are a family run business with over 130 years’ experience of selling high quality dairy and food products to our customers in Lancashire. Traditionally, the Pembertons are butchers who turned to dairy farming.

The family have owned Birks Farm since the 1950s, rented off the Clifton estate since the turn of the 19th century. Our long-established family business has been supplying milk to the local Fylde community for decades. We’ve offered a delivery service for the last 50 years by milk van and before that, horse and cart, even butcher’s bike. We will continue to produce and sell our milk to the many households on the Fylde Coast for future generations.

We have grown our family business in a big way – without compromising our belief that high-quality, locally-sourced food is the best investment our customers can make. As well as our 10 esteemed employees, there are also 8 members of the family who are actively involved in the day to day running of the business and always on-hand to talk to our valued customers.

In Summer 2017, the family converted an unused barn and after months of renovations, opened a brand new purpose-built farm shop, including a butcher’s counter. Our butchers’ will always be on hand guide you through the vast array of locally sourced and home reared meats we have available.

Birks Farm is set on 140 acres of medium to heavy land based in the stunning area of Lytham St. Annes. Our reputable farmers currently milk around 130 cows daily and we rear replacement stock through our very own customised breeding program.

Geared around our customers for the best choice in meat, we have lambs in connection with our sister farm in the Trough of Bowland. We have also started breeding our own beef stock so we can provide the farm shop with our own beef (leaving as minimum a carbon footprint as possible). Our cows are free-range and grass-fed and our cows go out to grass every year usually between April – October, weather permitting.

The Highlands

On the farm, we have two fluffy pedigree Highland Cows, Harriett and Mini, who came to us in July 2015. Two summers later, both cows calved a female calf each, which were named Toffee and Flora by our Facebook followers. The Highlands can be seen in the front paddock in the spring and summer months and get free roam of the entire farm land in winter.