Pembertons Dairies have been established for over 130 years and our family has been supplying milk to the local community for decades. We offer a delivery service to the local area and supply pasteurised, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, cream, eggs, fruit juice, potatoes and mineral water.

What started from the back of a butchers shop has now come full circle to a butchers shop to the farm.

All our products from the dairy are available to purchase in our Farm Shop, not forgetting our Raw Milk, which customers can get from a specialist self-serve machine just outside the storefront.

The popularity of raw milk is on the rise. It’s untreated and it comes straight from the cow, a natural source that comes direct. The milk is especially good for muscle repair – people are always surprised to hear that, but you can’t beat it.

For more information about our delivery service, please call us in the farm office on 01253 737400