Pembertons Farm Shop is the ideal spot for a weekly shop, to pick up a few essentials or when grabbing a few delicious treats for a weekend indulgence.
Each year, the average Brit travels about 135 miles by car to shop for food, more often than not making trips to large, out-of-town supermarkets.

It has been reported that if we all endeavoured to buy food originating from within a 20km radius from our locality, the country would save over £2 billion in congestion and environmental costs.

Supporting Lancashire’s farming community by ‘buying local’ not only reduces food miles, but the time between the farm and your table, so it is less likely that nutrients will be lost from fresh food.

There’s also a unique assurance that comes from buying from the farm where your food comes from. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously – you can speak to our staff and rest assured you are taking home fresh, healthy and wholesome Lancashire-made produce.

If there’s anything you need to know about our farm, suppliers or products, we are always on the other end of the phone, or if you’d prefer, just pop in and chat to us anytime.

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