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The Milk Cabin

Milkshake Vending Machine
Open 24hrs

Farm Fresh Milkshakes 

Our milkshakes have quickly become very popular and by buying our milk you are supporting a local business, enjoying delicious free range milk with zero food miles, from a 100% solar powered cabin.

Regular flavours include Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry & Salted Caramel plus 2 weekly guest flavours each Friday


Pasteurised & Unhomogenised
 Free Range Milk

All our milk is pasteurised, however it is unhomgenised.

Simply put, milk is non-homogenised when it has not undergone the homogenisation process.

Therefore, the heavier fat particles, aka the cream, rise to the top and stay there, meaning It's a great choice for anyone who prefers a less-processed option

and is the closest you can get to fresh milk from the milking parlour.

How it works


Select your size

500ml Takeaway Cup

1litre Plastic bottle

1litre Glass bottle


Follow instructions on the machine

Pay by contactless card

Choose your flavour



Prices from £1.20

Just Milk

Favourite flavours

Weekly guest flavours

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